Sellers’ Resources

Selecting a Realtor ® is one of the most important decisions of your life, both emotionally and financially. The Selection process is just as important as selecting a doctor, dentist, or attorney. Your Realtor is responsible for keeping your best interests in mind at all times, advising you and counseling you every step of the way.

First and foremost your Realtor ® must have your confidence and trust which creates the highest form of a fiduciary relationship. Selection should not be based solely on your bottom line. Even though your bottom line is one of the most important aspects of the relationship, it is prudent to be cautious with persons requesting “upfront” fees or to hear an outrageous number just to make you happy to hear but the truth is they just want the listing to bring in more business and they don’t care if it expires.

As your selling agent, we fully understand the motivations and strategies of other buyers and agents. and who do not represent you.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge to understand pricing and the sales process and procedures. This approach shifts the leverage in our favor and outlines a clear strategy in dealing with all potential buyers/ buyers agents. Our goal is to sell your home in the fastest most profitable manner and to exceed your service expectations.

The services provided to you as a client, include but are not limited to, the following:

1. We will carefully listen to your needs and expectations for the sale of your home or property.

2. We will provide you with current, extensive research on market values, conditions, and trends that may affect the sale of your home or property.

3. We will provide instant, extensive Internet exposure and advertise on over 250+ linked web sites. We utilize MLS & IDX, Digital photo tours online, an information box with information sheets, a secure, traceable Lock-box system, and the highly marketable signage if your Home Owners Association allows.

4. We schedule and coordinate all negotiations, inspections, surveys, showings, feedback, mortgage qualification verifications, communicate and cooperate with all other professional agents and customers as needed.
5. We always place our clients’ needs first!

What we do during the Listing and Selling process:

1. Appropriately Price the Home

The most important piece of the puzzle. Competitively pricing your home will attract the largest potential pool of buyers. This critical piece will be discussed at our first meeting. We are not interested in “making a quick buck” or “giving your home away.”

If your property is priced appropriately, more buyers will be interested when your property first hits the market.
If your home has been on the market for several months, it may be a clear message that the property may not be worth what you’re asking for it. This is particularly true if there haven’t been many prospects coming to see it. What you do at that point depends on whether you really need to sell, and whether you’re working with a specific time limit.

If you’re not really motivated to move soon, you can always wait – years if necessary – and hope inflation will catch up with the price you want. The problem is that at that time, your home begins to feel shopworn. Buyers become suspicious of a house that’s been for sale for an extended period of time.

Mortgages are based on “fair market value” not the sale price. More buyers will be able to consider your property when it is priced competitively.

The longer it sits on the market, it will get less attention from potential buyers, and the sales “energy” and momentum will slow to a grind.

If a property is overpriced it will set on the market indefinitely.

If a property fails to appraise at “fair market value” according to the bank, then one of three things will happen:

  • It will either force the buyer to make up the difference in cash (not likely to happen).
  • It will force the seller to lower the price to the appraised “fair market value” anyway, and will possibly delay the sale of the property.
  • It will ultimately cause the sale of the property to fall through

2. Home Preparation

We will go through your house with you, and possibly make recommendations on how you could make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. A secure, monitored lock-box should be placed with the residence, to allow professional agents to gain access to view and show the property.

3. Marketing

We will immediately install an eye-catching sign on your property when allowed. It should be on the front of the property with initial information sheets. An ample supply of color Internet brochures should be kept in the house.

Your home will immediately be listed in both multiple listing services (MLS and IDX) and have their own public web sites and affiliates within 24 hours.

Over 80% of the properties sold are found on the Internet!!

Ask yourself, I probably want to use an agent that has a full grasp of all the tools available to them, to get the highest and best price for my home in the quickest amount of time, don’t I? How many sites does your potential agent use? These are a fraction of the 250+ sites we will use to advertise your property!!

4. Showings

We will show your property to all prospective, “Qualified” buyers not represented by an agent. (We would also refer all prospective buyers to a trusted network of lenders of competent, ethical lender/mortgage brokers.)

5. Education

We will provide assistance, guidance, counseling throughout the entire marketing, negotiating, and closing of the property.

6. Scheduling

We will facilitate the scheduling and coordination of all closing activities/inspections/appraisals.

7. Accountability

We will provide weekly follow-up and feedback information including showings and internet page views.

We do not ask for upfront Marketing Fees unless the client requests unusual or extravagant marketing strategies outside the realm of our basic high-quality marketing already in place as above.

We strive to maintain a program unmatched by the majority of real estate companies and in doing so “invests” time, money, supplies, expertise in providing a service that will result in a positive outcome for you. We only get paid if we get results for you.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully, you found this informative.

We hope to hear from you today.