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Realtor, SRES, e-pro

As a lifelong resident of New York, I grew up as the youngest of my siblings, therefore I was always surrounded by competition and I have always been driven to be the best at whatever it is I set my sites out to accomplish.

I can remember as a little girl wanting to go for a four-wheeler ride with my older brother and be part of the pack and my mother saying to me “if you can’t keep up and hold your own than staying home because nobody is going to wait for you ” That philosophy has stayed with me the rest of my life and I have never known anything to be more truthful. So as I grew up I have always stood out of the crowd and did everything I could to be the best not to mention eventually being the leader of the pack and showing those boys how to ride.

I then went to college for Club Management and moved to Daytona Beach Florida and took more courses on Spa development and design and became licensed in Esthetics and Cosmetology. I then returned to New York where I had developed a thriving and very successful business for a little over eight years as a spa owner and operator. The success of my business was attributable to my aggressiveness in sales, enjoying dealing with the public, my strong background in business management and the hospitality industry, and of course my perseverance. When the economy started to take a turn for the worst my business which was located in a very prominent resort was taken from me due to its success and became the resorts spa with no buyout or anything just a pat on the back and was told you did a good job kid but we need this revenue now. So rather than crawling up into a ball and die, I decided life throws you curve balls and you have to deal with it and stand back up and dust yourself off and so I did after many tears.

I decided to move into a totally different field of Real Estate something I had personally invested in many times a favorite hobby of mine that always seemed to work well and made me more money than any interest-bearing bank account. My hobby has now become my livelihood one that I get much joy from. I quickly rose the ranks in the “toughest” years of real estate and took in over thirty listings in my first year. I have made some outstanding contacts and sold a variety of homes from foreclosures to homes fit for a king. I have worked with lots of builders and sold out several subdivisions. Listing homes is my specialty although I enjoy my time working with buyers as well. I have many happy past clients that really liked my work including Dr. Shahzad (a head surgeon from Catskill Regional), Dr. Vepa (pediatric cardiologist) and Dr. Lazaroff (pediatrician) and the list goes on and on and they have referred me to their friends and co-workers so my business has once again become a success.

The one thing I have learned from this whole experience is that you can take a lot of things from a person but you cannot take away my drive and determination to succeed! I am a very dedicated person who enjoys my clients and will not rest until they have what they want, and that makes for a happy client and a fulfilled Realtor. I treat each and every client like they are my only client and I take the time to understand their needs and wants. After the deal is done my clients always say they have a friend and a Realtor for life.

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